Designer Series -Laminated Boardroom Table with Stain Glass

Model #: BTG 2200

(Main 71”W x 35”D x 29”H(6'), Return null)

Main Size:
  • 71”W x 35”D x 29”H(6')
  • 95”W x 44”D x 29”H(8')
  • 118”W x 47”D x 29”H(10')
Return Size:
  • null
Available Color:
warm walnut
Additional assembly
Quantity: $

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Product description

Model#BTG 2200

6′ 71”W x 35”D x 29”H $398
8′ 95”W x 44”D x 29”H $488
10′ 118”W x 47”D x 29”H $688

Custom color available

Designer Series Boardroom Table is a conference table made with superior laminated material and a stain glass centerpiece.It is a sample statement of quality, style and functionality

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