Gens series meeting table

Model #: JS-308/310/311/312

(Main W"70.9″*D34.6″*H29.5″ , Return null)

Main Size:
  • W"70.9″*D34.6″*H29.5″ 
  • W94.5″*D47.2″*H29.5″ 
  • W118″*D53″*H29.5″
  • W141.7″*D47.2″*H29.5″ 
Return Size:
  • null
Available Color:
Additional assembly
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Product description

The Gens series office furniture is modern stylish pieces of

commercial grade office furniture with hints of industrial trends.

The beautiful baked enamel finish and the best combination of

white and gray color, as well as the sleek design, make the series

elegant looking and functional as well.


Safe use:product conforms to the international environmental protection E1 class standard.

Good quality: Hard and lasting baked enamel finish. Desktop is 1” thick solid board.

Considerate design: Multi-functional wire box equipped.


Model # JS-308

W1800 * D880 * H750 (mm) / W”70.9″*D34.6″*H29.5″

Model # JS-310

W2400 * D1200 * H750 (mm) / W94.5″*D47.2″*H29.5″

Model # JS-311

W3000 * D1350 * H750 (mm) / W118″*D53″*H29.5″

Model # JS-312

W3600 * D1350 * H750 (mm) / W141.7″*D47.2″*H29.5″

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