Executive Boardroom Table

Model #: GMP-311/312/313

(Main 165.5"W * 63.1"D * 30.0"H, Return null)

Main Size:
  • 165.5"W * 63.1"D * 30.0"H
  • 197"W * 70.9"D * 30.0"H
  • 228.6"W * 70.9"D * 30.0"H
Return Size:
  • null
Available Color:
American Cherry
Additional assembly
Quantity: $

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Product description

GMP Executive Boardroom Table

Impeccable design with rich, durable, stunning and high-quality

laminate. Built-in power modules. GMP Series is the very definition

of form meeting function.

Model # GMP-311

Size: W4200*D1600*H760 (mm)  $2688

Model # GMP-312

Size: W5000*D1800*H760 (mm)  $3228

Model # GMP-313

Size: W5800*D1800*H760 (mm)  $3668



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