Manager desk with movable cabinet

Model #: TFT-101A

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Product description

Main Desk

Model # TFT-101A

Size: 1600W x 800D x 750H (mm)

63.1″W x 31.5″D x 29.6″H (inches)

Model # TFT-102A

Size: 1800W x 850D x 750H (mm)

70.9″W x 33.5″D x 29.6″H (inches)

Model # TFT-103A

Size: 2000W x 900D x 750H (mm)

78.8″W x 35.5″D x 29.6″H (inches)


Model # TFT-203

Size: 1600W x 500D x 650H (mm)

63.1″W x 19.7″D x 25.6″H (inches)

Filigng Cabinet

Model # TFT-2413A

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