Alice Reception Gallery

Model #: LI-Q12/18/24/30

(Main 47.2"W*25.8"D*41.3"H, Return null)

Main Size:
  • 47.2"W*25.8"D*41.3"H
  • 70.8"W*25.8"D*41.3"H
  • 94.5"W*25.8"D*41.3"H
Return Size:
  • null
Available Color:
Nature oak
Dark Grey
Sand Brown
Additional assembly
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Product description

This durable and functional reception gallery features

With stunning combination of laminated finish. Distinctive

quality and affordable price that elevates your expectation

for the reception area.

Laminated combination:

Nature oak / Sand Brown / Charcoal Grey

Model # LI-Q12

Size : 47.2″W*25.8″D*41.3″H / 1200W x 655D x 1050H (mm)

Model # LI-Q18

Size : 70.8″W*25.8″D*41.3″H / 1800W x 655D x 1050H (mm)

Model # LI-Q24

Size : 94.5″W*25.8″D*41.3″H / 2400W x 655D x 1050H (mm)

( Non stock item )

colors are conbination

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