Executive Desk

Model #: GMP-111/112

(Main 72.9"W * 70.9"D * 30.0"H, Return null)

Main Size:
  • 72.9"W * 70.9"D * 30.0"H
  • 80.8"W * 70.9"D * 30.0"H
Return Size:
  • null
Available Color:
American Cherry
Additional assembly
Quantity: $

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Product description

GMP Executive Series

The distinctive and magnificence designed to stand up with the

modern and noble appealing elements. Durable, Stunning, rich and

high density wood grain and Charcoal grey laminates combination.

Whatever the look you go for, this all-around performer is a smart choice.

Model # GMP-111

Size: W1850*D1800*H760 (mm)

Model # GMP-112

Size: W2050*D1800*H760 (mm)




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